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Carbon Electric Paint

Jouletherm Carbon Electric Paint

Using Jouletherm's range of Carbon Electric Paint (CeP) allows the user to build custom electric radiant heaters known as SELV (Separated Extra-Low Voltage). Carbon Electric paint can be applied to any existing drywall or plasterboard walls or ceilings and transformed into an innovative and green heating system using specially designed components and techniques.

By using special techniques the Jouletherm CeP can make any wall or ceiling into an energy efficient radiator heater. Using Safe extra low voltages (24V) Carbon Electric Paint is suitable for any type of room in your building

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Carbon Electric Paint Features

CEP layers

Invisible & Space Saving

The paint system, after having been applied, can be fully painted over using any normal household wall or ceiling paint, making the CeP paint invisible to the naked eye. This eliminates the need for boilers, pipes, radiators, water tanks or gas for your heating. The wall or ceiling becomes the radiator saving valuable space in the home.

radiant sun rays

Radiant Heat

Radiant heating doesn't dry the air, like traditional types of heating. Beacuse there is no hot air to travel around the home and escape through open doors and windows, the Carbon Electric Paint Heating System helps prevent heat loss through ventilation as the heat spreads evenly throughout the house.

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Economical Heating

Radient heat products and systems are extremely energy efficient, environmentally clean and are beneficial to your health. There is no other instant, economical, healthy or earth friendly way to heat a home. Safety features are added to the transformer ensuring peace of mind to the end user and are specially optimised and wound to reduce heat loss in the windings.